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Design IdeaSustainable Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Eco-Home

With climate emergency looming large, and rising global warming, more and more people are opting for building eco-homes. After all, it is our planet, and we cannot let it move towards doom. To make an effort to do our bit for the planet, we need to focus on sustainability. As lighting experts, we will share some sustainable lighting ideas with you in this article. But, first, we need to understand what an eco-home is.

What Is An Eco-Home?

A home that has a very low impact on the environment is an eco-home. These homes are built using materials and technology which do not have a harmful effect on the environment.  Eco-Homes do not need much energy to run and help in reducing carbon emissions which is one of the significant contributors to pollution. Not just that, Eco-Homes are also easy on your pockets.

Here’s a look at some sustainable lighting ideas for your eco-home:

Make Way For Natural Light

Utilising the maximum amount of natural light in your home is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to save energy. Make sure to construct as many windows as possible and maybe even go for glass walls in some rooms. This is also a great way to include human-centric lighting in your space. Moreover, natural light is always very pleasant and energising.

Go For Lamps Made Of Natural Materials

Natural lamps are on the list of lighting trends in 2022 for all the right reasons. They are sustainable, minimalist, and add a pleasant natural touch to your space.

Now, the question is, how do you choose the right lamp for each room in your eco-home? We’re here to assist you in making the right choice.

Lamps For Bedroom

Bedrooms are spaces for relaxation, and you need to choose the right intensity of light for illuminating the space. Reading lamps are a hit for bedrooms as it’s often advised to read a book before you dose off. You can also choose minimalist table lamps to help you create a soothing aura. This would turn out to be a great bedroom interior design idea.

Woodshells offers a great variety of lamps that can assist you in putting your sustainable lighting ideas into effect. The Raemi table lamp, for instance, is a great choice for your bedroom. You can also go for the Auro multipurpose lamp to add a unique detail to your space.

Lamps For Living Room


Living rooms offer you the freedom to mix and match your lights. Here you can put some really unique illuminators on display. I would personally suggest you to add a wooden standing floor lamp to this space as it would be a great living room lighting idea. The Bodhi floor lamp or the Glen floor lamp from Woodshells would turn out to be showstoppers.

A nice pendant lamp made of natural material would also make the space more refreshing. The Radiance pendant lamp would be a great choice for your living room.

 Lamps For Kitchen

Adding some beautiful sustainable lamps to your kitchen can make the space much more vibrant and pleasant. If you have an island in your kitchen, then adding a set of two or three pendant lamps would be a great kitchen lighting idea.

As a great sustainable lighting idea, you can go for the Gaya pendant lamp by Woodshells. You can also go for the Canopy pendant lamp to add a unique touch to your kitchen.

If you have a dining area in your kitchen, then placing a table lamp in the centre of the table is a personal favourite idea. The Raemi table lamp would be a great choice for illuminating the space where the family gathers to talk about their entire day.

Lamps For Home Office

Bodhi floor lamp

Lamps are a must for home offices as you need several sources of light in such spaces for perfect illumination. For creating a great ambience, you can go for the Kia table lamp by Woodshells for your workspace. The Raemi table lamp is an all-time favourite for any space and would be a great fit for your home office as well.

I hope these sustainable lighting ideas would help you light your eco-home in the best way possible. We’re glad we were able to help you in your effort toward saving the planet.

Woodshells is a modern and meaningful interior decor brand that provides sustainable lighting solutions. Our collection of elegant Pendants, walls, Tables, and Floor lamps has the power to transform any space. We will keep you updated with the latest styling ideas here. Stay

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