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NewsUrban Melange Magazine features Woodshells and its Founder Kavya Gupta

They say success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. As Woodshells – A modern, minimal and meaningful interior decor brand – journeys on its way to beautifying home spaces with sustainable lamps, we caught on with Urban Melange – a North India based print and digital magazine focusing on Punjabis and the significant work done by them.

In an exclusive interview with our founder Ms. Kavya Gupta for the December 2021 edition, the feature traces and unfolds her journey as well as the journey undertaken by Woodshells. 

About Urban Melange

The Urban Melange magazine is a monthly publication that promotes long-term branding, in the areas of fashion, accessories, culture, beauty, celebrities and lifestyle. With a readership of 1,20,000, Urban Melange dives deep into these segments and provides its readers with comprehensive knowledge.

A prestigious publication for the people of Punjab, Urban Melange has a physical circulation of 40,000 copies. The December 2021 issue of the Magazine Urban Melange featured some of the biggest names in the industry and one of the names was of Kavya Gupta – Founder and Lead Designer at Woodshells.

About Woodshells

Kavya Gupta started Woodshells back in the year 2018 after working with local French artisans in Auroville, Pondicherry. After working with Wooden lamps for some time, Kavya started experimenting with Sustainable materials like Banana Fibre, Cane, Jute, Handmade Paper, MS, and the likes to produce uniquely crafted lamps in the current Woodshells collection.

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The Urban Melange feature traces Woodshells and Kavya’s journey so far, the sustainability cause that drives both and the creative process adopted at Woodshells.

Kavya also goes on to talk about the biggest challenges faced by her industry today and about how important it is for all of us as consumers to take small steps every day towards making this planet a better place. Sharing her vision and plans for the year 2022, the article encapsulates the article theme very well: Making efforts toward sustainability. 

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