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Design IdeaMinimalist Lighting – 5 Ideas that will Instantly Make Your Space Shine

Lighting is everywhere. From our favorite brunch spots to those saved posts on Instagram. And these Lighting ideas heavily influence and inspire how we would like to transform our own spaces.

But the good and minimal kind of lighting is very very hard to find. Minimal lighting trends are quite popular these days, not just with interior designers but also with home owners who want their space to stand out.

But what exactly is Minimalism in Lighting and Decor? Let’s find out.

What is Minimalist Lighting?

To put it simply – Minimalism means no clutter. Be it with clean lines or limited color there is something effortlessly charming when minimalism is added to any design or space. When this concept is incorporated into lighting design it becomes Minimalist lighting.

Not only does it make a bold statement but also adds the desired aesthetic. A few ways of achieving Minimalist Lighting is by following the below Lighting Design Trends:

1. Incorporate Lighting that is Natural

There is nothing better and easier than opting for Natural lighting solutions. This means using big windows, neutral wall colors and unique decor to your full advantage. Using natural light for establishing minimalist lighting can be done by opting for floor to ceiling windows and eliminating any window barriers.

Bodhi floor lamp for study room

Consequently, this not only makes your space feel bigger but natural light beautifully adds to the charm. Also neutral or white colored walls also do the trick in making natural light reflect beautifully. If you want to enhance your natural light further, use a big sized and unique lighting piece as decor. Not only will it be functional but will also add artistic value to your space.

You can check Woodshell’s large sized Floor lamps: Glen the floor lamp for living room, and Bodhi the wooden floor lamp and these would help you enhance the natural lighting of your homes.

Glen floor lamp for your home

These lamps are minimal in design and are made of natural materials to add to the beauty of your homes.

2. Playing with Shapes

Minimalism is all about playing with shapes, sizes, and colors. While the decor segment is full of intricate and floral designs when it comes to lighting. But when you opt for geometric shapes in lighting decor, these give you a crisp look that can be used as living room lighting ideas for your house or office as a lighting design trend.

To give you an example, Auro, the multiple purpose lamp by Woodshells, has a geometric shape which enhances the look of absolutely any space. Its sleek and unique design coupled with the neutral cloth color will help you achieve your goal of minimal lighting like no other.

Auro multipurpose lamp


3. Pendant Lighting

Another Lighting Design trend is managing the placement and manner in which light drops from the ceiling. The best way of achieving this is by hanging small pendant lights in your hallway or alley for a clean look. You can always keep your walls empty and the entire space will have a minimal look with just the hanging lamp.

Such Minimalist Lighting trends are soothing to the eye and they create the desired impact as well. Gaya from our Woodshells Collection is a perfect example of this trend and a perfect choice for pendant lamp for dining room.

Gaya - Pendant Lamp

4. Minimalist Chandeliers:

Minimalist Chandeliers are Bold. They are functional yet decorative. Additionally, they eliminate the need for any other sort of decor. Minimalist Chandeliers like Radiance pendant lamp from the Woodshells collection supply just the right kind of light and add that visual drama to the larger scheme of things.

The speciality of these minimalist chandeliers is that they give the impression of enhanced room height while adding on to the personality. Another Lighting Design trend is the use of these minimalist Chandeliers in clusters or pairs to visually elevate your space and enhance the lighting.

Radiance the pendant lamp

5. Sustainable Lighting:

Decor in itself does not have the power to create a minimal look for a room or house. When Lighting decor is made of natural materials like Cane, Jute, Raw Silk, Banana Fibre and the likes, it automatically gives your entire space a minimalist finish.

We at Woodshells opt for naturally extracted materials and mold them into designs that are unique and minimal. No matter the kind of space you wish you to decorate, every lighting solution from Woodshells is unique enough to make your space look minimal.

In summary, we would like to say that choosing the perfect lighting for your office, kitchen or homes can be a hassle. But these 5 Minimalist Lighting Ideas can help you transform your space altogether! For all your Sustainable Lighting, Office Lighting, Kitchen Lighting and Designer Lighting need visit Woodshells.

We are a modern, minimal and meaningful interior decor brand that provides sustainable lights solutions. Our collection of Pendant, Wall, Table and Floor lamps can beautifully transform any space. Keep watching this space for more such styling ideas.

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I am a passionate Designer who is constantly finding inspiration in everything around me. Having worked in numerous Design based firms I have hands-on knowledge on how to Create something out of nothing.

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